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Welcome to the Ada Business Association

Welcome to the Ada Business Association!

Mission of the ABA: The Ada Business Association empowers businesses to create a thriving community.

Purpose: We believe that when businesses and organizations thrive, the entire community thrives. The Ada Business Association empowers business to thrive with these three points of focus:

1. The central source of information for the businesses and the community for everything that is happening.

2. Create connection between businesses that will allow us to support and be supported by each other.

3. Provide learning opportunities that will allow your business or organization to thrive and grow.

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This week Thursday, our Lunch and Learn features Dr. Matt Phinney, lunch will be provided.
Location: Roselle Park (1010 Grand River Dr NE)
Time: Thursday, Sept 21 12:00-1:00PM
Topic: Wellness in the Workplace:

According to the American Medical Association 75% of doctor's visits are from symptoms related to stress. With 80% of our population suffering from some sort of chronic illness, it is no wonder our insurance premiums are increasing, employee morale is dropping, and now more than ever absenteeism and presenteeism are some of the biggest problems facing a company's bottom line. Learning how to implement proactive wellness programs in the workplace can:
- Educate your employees with actionable steps on how to be healthier in every aspect of their life
- Create a culture of wellness at your company by boosting employee morale
- Decrease sick days and improve productivity

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